The Wrong Lilies

The Wrong Lilies

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Facepalm, or 2016 - The Year When Common Sense Died

Hiya!  Remember me?  I once wrote a fairly popular blog called "The Newsosphere", basically a satire about politics and our culture in roughly the same vein as "The Borowitz Report" or "The Onion".
Can't remember me, huh?  Well, that's okay, because the other guys have been doing a fine job without me, commenting on our current political and social situation - such as it is.
But allow me to throw in my two cents...
Hillary Clinton is ahead in all of the major polls, which is a very good thing in my humble opinion.  She has shown in the three debates, interviews, etc. that she listens, answers questions, has definite plans, and is willing to work with everyone - regardless of party affiliation, race, etc. - to improve things for America.
And yet Donald Trump has supporters.  And in some polls, he's running neck in neck with Hillary.  And - wait for it - he believes that he will win.
Donald Trump has been accused of mistreating women, minorities, and anyone else on the planet Earth.  He continually lies, even when the great inventions of video and sound technology have proven him wrong time and time again.
People have expressed their disgust and disdain for Trump lately, shocked by his behavior in rallies, debates, and interviews.
Here's my two cents.  Ready?  Here it comes.
Why are some of you still so surprised at what's going on now?  To quote Ripley in the 1986 movie "Aliens" - "did IQs just drop sharply while I was away???"
Speaking of the '80's, that's when I grew up.  And in the '80's, there was this egomaniacal, sexist, greedy guy who was continually the butt of many a joke and considered to be one himself.
Guess who I'm talking about.
That's right people!  This is not a revelation for the twenty-first century.  Trump has been a bigoted, greedy, misogynistic bully for a long, long time.  This is not news, guys.  Thanks to the invention of the Internet, feel free to do your research.  Now.  Go on.  I'll be here when you get back.
See???  What did I tell you?  So here's the deal - Trump ain't gonna change his ways.  He has never been for anyone but himself.  Sorry supporters - he couldn't give one quarter of a millionth of a shit for you.
When you cast your vote, please think.  If you are choosing to vote against Trump, this is basically what you are saying.
Enough of women being thought of as inferior to men, and being treated badly.  Enough of minorities being discriminated against.  Enough of the bullying and just plain rudeness that has sadly become the norm in our society.  Enough of ignoring that - yes people - the world is getting warmer.  Here's a clue: Nature being what it is, it's just going to keep doing what it does, regardless of how we feel about it.  Remember kids, it's been around much longer than we ever have.
This is the twenty-first f**king century!!!  Why in God's name is there still racism, and misogyny, and just plain hate???
And for the love of God, Trump, ENOUGH with the fear mongering!  It's a cheap and senseless tactic.  If you truly have all of the answers, and you can solve our problems, you better damn well start coming up with solutions instead of incessantl y bragging about your empire - which is nonexistent - and your respect for, well, anyone - which let's face it - is nonexistent as well. 
So, in conclusion, here's what I have to say about who you decide to vote for as our next President...
Whaddaya kidding me???  This isn't an SNL sketch!  It's real life!  Your votes determine so much this year.   Let's start making some good decisions for a change, and maybe the momentum will spread.  Maybe when things start getting better, we won't consider women and minorities secondary anymore.  Maybe we will start taking care of our world; because let's face it, it's the only one we've got.
We live on a very small planet in a very big galaxy, and we live here for a very finite time.  Let's try to spend our time here with no more hatred or violence.  Let's be the best beings that we can be.
Let us begin.

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