The Wrong Lilies

The Wrong Lilies

Sunday, October 9, 2016


After many years of trying to learn about the world and we humans, I have come to the conclusion that among the many categories of humanity, one of the saddest types is the hollow person. 

It is a sad thing to see when we encounter an individual who seems to have all sorts of abilities and successes, and yet who can quickly be perceived as without real concern or awareness of others.  Oh, they can repeat all the words they hear and realize what they are supposed to say, they can even react to events appropriately upon occasion, but the awareness is all about themselves.

It is eerie sometimes to hear them speak of themselves in the third person, praising themselves, and speaking their name as if the praise is coming from another source.

It is horrible to realize that to the hollow person, everyone else is either a possession or a tool or both.


And it is very, very scary when we see a truly hollow man propose their self to become the most powerful, and therefore most responsible individual in the world; to place their self in the position of being responsible for the safety and well-being not only of our own country, but of much of our planet.  Because no matter how much they have acquired of the world’s goods, ultimately a hollow person has nothing to give; they are empty.

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