The Wrong Lilies

The Wrong Lilies

Sunday, October 13, 2013


 So we went to Washington, DC, on a long-planned trip for my mate’s Old Guard Reunion, arriving the very day that the government and all the memorials were shut down. This was of course terribly disappointing in that we had planned and saved for perhaps a year in order to attend the Reunion and to see many of the memorials we had not seen before, during free time from the Reunion.  Our group was given special permission to enter Arlington National Cemetery to place a wreath at the Kennedy grave site, since so many attendees, including my mate, served in the Kennedy funeral, 50 years ago this year.   But any disappointments we experienced were, and are, unimportant compared to the dire straits that so many of our vulnerable fellow Americans are experiencing.

We drove four days there, and four days returning, an exhausting trip but a meaningful one because we got to experience, in many ways, the best and the worst of our capitol city: the ugliness of the political scene playing out on the news, citizens not being allowed the benefits of the government that belongs to US, and the steadfastness of our military, there to preserve and protect, keeping their oaths even when Congress does not.

Since we returned home and have had the means to do so, we are sending e-mails and making phone calls every single day to our representative in the House and to our two senators, all of which are Republican.   And we are sending messages to Mr. Obama to encourage him to not give in to this extortion.  But we are filled with horror, fear and disgust at what is happening.  It’s no secret that we do not approve of the extremists in our country and their viewpoints against taking care of their fellow humans.   If our American government is of, by, and for the People, and we are the American people, and those responsible for keeping government functioning are treating our government, and therefore Us, We the People, in the current manner, what are we to think?  What are we to do?

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