The Wrong Lilies

The Wrong Lilies

Monday, October 14, 2013


Has the Republican Party realized that independent moderates such as ourselves have solidified our opposition to the Republican Party because of all this extremist behavior, because we know, and we know that the Republican Party knows, that there are and always have been direct and specific options to introducing legislation to improve any deficiencies in the ACA, without one single moment of a shut down?  That private-public coalitions to improve our infrastructure and create jobs could have been created and supported in just one of the 47 votes to repeal the ACA, leaving the remaining 46 votes to fix other problems we have, such as immigration, education, working on acceptable budgets and the list is long.

Has anyone considered that in the eyes of the other major industrialized nations in the world, the fact that our government would be shut down in an attempt to block health care in the only major industrialized nation which does not have it might appear bizarre behavior?  That those other nations have provided health care and food and shelter for their most vulnerable citizens for decades and done it successfully with far less resources that America has, even after this Republican behavior?

Has anyone considered that in the eyes of the poor nations of the world, all of those who aspire to be as rich and powerful as America, they are shocked that a branch of our government would vote 47 times to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and be willing to actually damage America, when that same branch has the responsibility for providing for America?

Has the Republican Party realized that the tiny and shrinking approval rate they now retain consists of either voters whom they have deceived, or voters simply too foolish to be informed?  And that by this behavior they have alienated so many veterans, government workers, the poor, the folks who love national parks, the elderly and the ill, indeed everyone either affected by the shut down OR those who are worried and upset about the government shut down.  And the list is very long.

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