The Wrong Lilies

The Wrong Lilies

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


It certainly cannot be much of a surprise that I made the statement in the title of this post.  For months I’ve tried to state my concerns for our country and my lack of understanding of the positions offered by Mr. Romney, whatever those positions were at any given time, unless they were simply an emulation of the president’s stated policies. 

But I would wish that everyone supporting Mr. Romney would have seen the interviews with Bryan Williams that are posted on the NBC Rock Center website.  Of course the problem is that diehard Repubs will watch only Fox News, and Fox simply has their own ways of handling facts and reality.  The interviews to which I am referring show the president speaking specifically and directly, and without malice. 

Most particularly, at the very end of these interviews, the president made a statement I can only paraphrase, since it did not appear in text, only in the videos.  He said that he had made mistakes along the way, but that his compass had always been true.  Even if I weren’t already aware of his administration’s accomplishments, that one statement would win me.  Think of it.  Mr. Obama’s predecessor, Mr. Bush, could never think, when asked, of any mistakes he had made in eight years.  But Mr. Obama stated his humanity on-camera.  

I do not put Mr. Obama on a pedestal, no more than I would put any of my beloved family, or other public figures I admire.  Pedestals are only for people, we humans, to fall off of.  But I can state wholeheartedly that I admire him for his seriousness, his humor, his intelligence and integrity, his seemingly indefatigable efforts on behalf of our country.  And if Mr. Obama wins this election, America will be the richer for it.  And if Mr. Obama should not win this election, America, you and I, will be far the poorer for it, literally and figuratively.

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