The Wrong Lilies

The Wrong Lilies

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Do you see what I see?

Do you see what I see?  And do you hear what I hear? 

Last night was the first presidential ‘debate’ of the season.  Almost immediately the pundits were declaring it a ‘win’ for Mitt Romney, and telling us what we heard and saw.  And I was so surprised by what I was told that I heard and saw.

Because I saw Mr. Romney constantly denying facts about his plans and projections.  I saw Mr. Romney being either anxious or patronizing or interruptive, constantly interrupting the moderator and/or Mr. Obama.

And I heard Mr. Obama stating, in his calm, articulate manner, his plans for the future and drawing a clear contrast between his convictions and those of Mr. Romney. 

So here’s the thing.  Regardless of what the pundits say, I figure that most sentient adults have already made their decisions, based on what they have observed, from what the candidates have said and done, and what the candidates stand for.  Staunch Republicans will vote for Mr. Romney, or if they cannot in all good conscience do that, they will just not vote.  Staunch Democrats will vote for Mr. Obama.  The so-called ‘undecideds’, who have had vast amounts of direct, specific information about what the Obama administration has done and wants to do for our country versus the nebulous and constantly changing Romney ‘vision’, have had ample and sufficient chance to decide.  And if the infamous ’47 percent’ video alone was not sufficient for decision, well, then, what can one say? 

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