The Wrong Lilies

The Wrong Lilies

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

And so I said

Well, naturally, like all other like-minded political critters, we watched the 2nd Presidential Debate.  And like all like-minded etc, we have all sorts of opinions about the debate.  But where to begin?

Was it ‘better’ than the first Presidential Debate?  Well, we liked very much President Obama’s presence at the first debate.  While he was not all that animated at the first debate, Romney was positively hysterical, which made a balance.  At the second debate, Romney seemed, to us, determined to finish every sentence, dot every ‘I’, whether it would be useful to him or not, and therefore came across as pushy, obsessive, and well, weird.  President Obama, to us, in the second debate, came across as more animated, certainly, but still retaining a measure of courtesy, which has to be hard when someone is making illogical and/or inaccurate statements and/or accusations right in front of you.   Oh, the president was not entirely perfect.  There were a couple of instances when he did not answer a question as specifically as we thought he could.  For instance, the one fellow asked about what would be done to control the cost of gasoline.  Well, of course, the obvious answer would be that in our democracy the president cannot simply wave something on his desk and reduce the price of gasoline.  Actually, probably neither could Congress, if, of course, Congress could do anything at all.  But he didn’t say that, and who knows why.

On the other hand, there was instance after instance of Mr. Romney either going off on weird tangents or trying constantly to have the last word on a question, whether the last word from him would be of any use to anyone.  They say there is a drinking game where participants take a swallow every time Romney says he knows 'how to do that.'  I was particularly taken with the almost throw-away statement when discussion had been about assault weapons and possible limitations of their availability, and Mr. Romney made the rhetorical statement that he thought that automatic weapons were already illegal.  Really?

And then we got to the question of the horrific event at the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya, and Romney made, in my opinion, a perfectly illogical and uncoordinated fool of himself, and our president showed his feelings about the subject without politicizing it, and we were so very proud.

Then the talking heads moved in and told us what was obvious and what we should think is important and what the effects would be, ad infinitum.  And so I said, “One more to go, and thank goodness for that.”

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