The Wrong Lilies

The Wrong Lilies

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Where are we going with all this?

The thought of the word ‘rant’ is what goes through my mind at various times.  For instance, when I’m waiting in the dentist’s reception room, and someone walks in with their phone to their ear and converses as if they’re in their home or car or office, as if anyone else in the room cares a fiddle for what they have to say.  And I want to tell them that, but of course I don’t.

Or you goes to a checkout lane that is indicated as open, at a store, and there are employees nearby, but no one comes, for awhile.  Then when someone comes, they were involved in the nearby conversation, no doubt personal, and fully aware there was a customer waiting.  Or you are at the store, shopping, and sees a clerk sitting on the floor, supposedly stocking, but actually carrying on a personal conversation.  Or, to put it another way, stealing from their employer.  And I want to tell them that, but of course I don’t.

It is so curious and so sad to see the steadily progressing detachment from their fellow humans that is occurring while people drive, shop, walk, eat, watch football games, watch movies, whatever they wish, while also engaged in phone conversation or texting or whatever electronic device is occupying their vision and their minds and therefore their attention.  We are starting to see signs at school crossings, “School zone – are you on the phone?”  But the irony is that if passersby are on the phone, they won’t notice the signs.   And I want to tell these people that they are missing possible hazards in traffic, or the subtleties of a good movie, or the satisfaction of doing their job well, or the pleasure of their meal, or the chance for a real conversation with their companion, or just a beautiful sunset or a flowering tree they are passing.  And I want to tell them all that, but of course they would never hear.

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