The Wrong Lilies

The Wrong Lilies

Sunday, August 21, 2011

A few thoughts to share

In this time of multiple points of view (and don’t get me wrong, we need different points of view), I thought, “Heck, why don’t I throw a few thoughts into the mix?”  So here goes. 

One of my pet peeves, and they are many, is that the word ‘Congress’ is generally applied to the House of Representatives, but in fact Congress is made up of two (2) bodies, the House and the Senate.  So why has ‘Congress’ come to mean ‘House’?  I don’t know, but how hard is it to say ‘House’ instead of ‘Congress’ when one means ‘House’?

The next peeve is that The President, whoever he is at any given time, simply has no vote in Congress (only those two bodies, get it?).  A brief search on the Net will tell anyone what the rights and privileges of Congress are and there’s not a thing in there about The President having a vote.  Not even one.  So that brings me to another thought I had:  “The President proposes, but Congress disposes.”

And that of course leads to the question:  If Congress only can make and pass laws and the President can only veto a law, after which the law must go back to Congress and then Congress can then override the veto, how in the Sam Hill is everything the Prez’s fault?  You know, there are some people for whom everything is everyone else’s fault.  They get a hangnail and it’s somebody else’s fault.    We have a multi-trillion dollar deficit entirely approved by Congress but it’s not their fault! 

So here’s my final thought, this time around:  No leader is successful without the support of those he leads.  So if the President is accused of being a ‘weak leader’, what does that say about us?

And here’s my final, final thought:  Some people want lots of government, some want some government, some want very little government, and some want no government whatsoever.  But if everyone stopped to think about it, most of us simply want good government, that’s honest, simple, affordable, effective, and most of all, belongs not to unknown entities, but to us.  You know.   We, the People.

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