The Wrong Lilies

The Wrong Lilies

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The pooper scooper

There are  little baby elephants in the Republican environs in Washington D.C.  They gathered there after some strange people in three-pointy hats elected them, under the impression that government is a bad, bad thing.  Regardless of chronological age, these baby elephants are very young in their naivete, but not as naive as those who put them there.  And like all very young creatures, these little  baby elephants emit a lot of poop.  They are simply following in the tradition of the big elephants in D.C., although they do not know that.

There is always one person in a circus who trudges behind the elephants when the elephants march, in a parade through town or across the circus rings.  The duty of this person following the elephants is to scoop up the elephant poop.  This individual is therefore the elephant pooper scooper.  

Back in the early 2000's, the big elephants passed the Bush tax cuts without bothering to figure out how to pay for them:  a big pile.  Then they supported a prescription drug program, a good idea in and of itself, but without thought of how to pay for it.  Then they supported the prosecution of two wars, again without thought of payment:  more big piles.  These same big elephants voted several times to increase the national debt, again without thought of payment.  Until now.   Now they are all, big and little, entirely consumed by two thoughts:  how to pay for all this debt they helped to incur, without inconveniencing their owners (and everyone knows who those are); and how to blame their pooper scooper.  How to blame anyone except themselves.  Poor little elephants.  Poor us.

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