The Wrong Lilies

The Wrong Lilies

Thursday, April 10, 2014


So from the far-away state of Texas, we have been following, somewhat, the many stories about Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey, particularly the George Washington Bridge closure story, and the questions about Sandy money story.  We have followed these stories for several reasons:  the Hurricane Sandy money went to New Jersey from tax monies we contributed to as tax payers, we have seen several videos where Governor Christie has been rude, arrogant and dismissive to his constituents in public and on camera, and finally, Governor Christie may actually manage to be a candidate for the Presidency in 2016.

And here, for what they are worth, are some of our conclusions.  As regards the GW Bridge closure, we figure that either Governor Christie was totally inept at choosing his staff and instructing them and being aware of their performances and in addition totally unaware of critical events within his state (the actual closure, which went on for days), or he was totally involved in the mean-spirited, perhaps illegal events and is now being ruthless in his distancing himself from his staff and associates in the effort to maintain his political aspirations.  Either way, there’s nothing there to respect.

As to the Hurricane Sandy money and all the accusations of poor administration, we find it absolutely unacceptable that those funds have not been handled in a transparent, efficient and timely manner, and that Governor Christie and his administration have not yet disbursed those funds to the people who need them and for whom they were given.  It appears that it will now take a federal investigation, involving more taxpayer money, to find out where the money went and where any remaining funds are.  Unbelievable and definitely not Presidential.

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