The Wrong Lilies

The Wrong Lilies

Friday, April 4, 2014


There are a lot of ‘truisms’ in gardening, but first and foremost is the reality that once a leaf has turned brown, either through neglect or change of season into winter or lack of water or absurd heat – whatever the reason, that leaf is history.  Now, it doesn’t mean that the plant itself is gone.  The plant may be dormant or may be in temporary distress, depending on the situation and the total number of brown leaves.  But sometimes it seems as though we find a brown leaf, don’t bother to figure out the cause and just keep waiting for that brown leaf or those brown leaves to miraculously ‘heal’, to resume their normal color (green or grey or whatever).

This is true in gardening but also a kind of metaphor for other areas of our lives.   And on a larger scale, it is also true for our planet.  We can neglect this wonderful sphere we call home, expecting it to absorb the excesses and toxins that we are dumping into the air and the oceans and onto the soil, and expecting damaged areas to heal and revert to health, but sooner or later, just as with an individual plant, with an individual leaf, the damage is permanent.

It’s simple enough to find another plant, but another planet, at least another comfortable planet, might be another story.

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