The Wrong Lilies

The Wrong Lilies

Monday, June 3, 2013


It is a scientific fact that upon occasion, the sun produces flares.  These flares project for thousands of miles into space, affecting space currents and ultimately, among other things, radio transmissions and other electronic fields on Earth.

 Among the electronic particles in Earth’s atmosphere are positive and negative ions.  It is a scientific theory that positive ions have a negative effect on human emotions, and that negative ions have a positive effect.

The (un)scientific philosophy is that solar flares, when affecting Earth’s atmosphere, produce too many positive ions and too many negative feelings, leading to those types of days that we all have, when everyone is hostile on the freeway, when we lose things right in front of us, when everything is snarled and when nothing goes right, including our hair, our wardrobes, our finances, and all other aspects of human endeavor.  On certain days, such as today, one can encounter situation after situation where people are rude or careless or oblivious.  On such days, my mate and I nod to each other knowingly and whisper, “Solar flares.”

There is an unofficial Society for the Study of Solar Flares (SSSF) which I unofficially founded many years ago. If you agree with the theory, you are automatically a member.  Its mission is to explain this information to beleaguered individuals, and give them to understand that there is something to blame (besides ourselves) when all goes wrong and everything or everyone seems crazy!

Shakespeare could have been wrong when he said, “... the fault ...lies not in our stars but in ourselves.”

One more important point:  the effects of solar flares can be experienced even when it is raining!

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