The Wrong Lilies

The Wrong Lilies

Friday, June 7, 2013


We have to be the most naïve society that ever had access to electronic devices.  Some of us walk around the streets and shops and sit in restaurants and coffee bars and talk and talk and talk on cell phones.  Or we use pads or phones or whatever we have to do whatever we do.  And then there are the computers and all the sites that are explored.  And then all the other linked-up devices such as DVRs and cordless phones and Wi-Fi.   And we put documents out there on the ‘Cloud’.  

So where on earth do we think that stuff goes?  And do we really, really, really think there are little walls of silence around every electronic device and every entry on our Facebook pages and their ilk?  Are we really, really, really that naïve?

And finally, do we really want our government to tune us all out and fail to prevent terrorism, foreign or domestic?  Because terrorism of some sort has always been around, but now it has access to the same electronics and communications systems that we nice folks do, and if it means that the folks who are trying to keep us safe need to check out the data, well, we say, “Let them.” 

Because we figure that when Alexander Graham Bell uttered those first few words on the first telephone and some of those words were recorded, things changed.

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