The Wrong Lilies

The Wrong Lilies

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

THE DUST BOWL by Ken Burns

PBS has shown a wonderful documentary, ‘The Dust Bowl’, by that master of documentaries, Ken Burns.  I thought I knew at least a bit about that era in our history, the 1930’s, and found out I didn’t know much of anything concerning what happened back then and what people endured.

It would be presumptuous for me to try to describe this work, but I do urge anyone who hears about it to find it on their local PBS station and see it.  Because not only is it an amazing story, it is terrifyingly topical in view of the horrific drought affecting our country right now.  If we ever again face anything remotely similar to the dust bowl, I hope we are as brave and tough as they were back then.

 Here is a quote to share from a letter by Caroline Henderson, whose story is one of several told in the film.  She must have been an extraordinary individual and I collected these words from the program:

“To prepare the ground as well we may, to sow our seeds, to cultivate and care for, that is our part.  Yet how difficult it is for some of us to learn that the results we must leave to the great silent unseen forces of nature, whether the crop be corn or character.”

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