The Wrong Lilies

The Wrong Lilies

Thursday, December 20, 2012


Our wonderful young granddaughter introduced us to ‘The Life of Pi’, a wonderful and extraordinary book by Yann Martell.  Once I started it, I was immersed in a story so imaginative it simply engulfed me.  

 When the movie was released, I was there, along with some of my family who had not yet read the book.  Of course I was terrified that I would be disappointed but I was not.  The actors who portray Pi at every age were each individually splendid.  The film is a beautiful allegory of life without being preachy or maudlin or, well, small.  The film is glorious.

Having read the book borrowed from that same precious granddaughter, I found a copy for us, because those near and dear to me will read it when they can and wish.  It will be there for them. 

We try not to buy too many books because there is just so much space, and because we love and cherish our local library, but sometimes one needs a copy to read and to re-read and to share.

And sometimes one needs a beautiful film to remind us of the meaning of life.  See it if you can, and say hello to Richard Parker.

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