The Wrong Lilies

The Wrong Lilies

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


It is simply impossible for me to believe in a political philosophy which holds the following concepts:

That there should be no birth control except abstinence, but

That there should never be a termination of an unwanted pregnancy, even in the case of rape or to prevent the death of the mother, the mother's life apparently having no value;

That all pregnancies should be protected, but

That once a child is born, society has no responsibility, if there is need, to help feed, shelter, or educate that child, nor any responsibility for seeing that the child has medical care;

And if a child is born to illegal immigrants or brought to this country by illegal immigrants, that child has no rights.

This philosophy actively tries to prevent women’s reproductive rights, including the right to birth control and medical care; it wants to slash food stamps and breakfast and lunch programs for poor children; it wants to slash public education funds; it wants to slash Medicaid and prevent a national health care initiative; it wants to extradite children of illegals who have proved to be good citizens, who have been going to college and/or who have served in our military, protecting our country.

It is my understanding that philosophy is much a matter of trying to understand the logic and logistics of human existence, and I just don’t believe in a philosophy, the Republican philosophy, which neither deals with human logistics nor is it logical.  In any way.

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