The Wrong Lilies

The Wrong Lilies

Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Personal Political Story

The most recent issue of TIME magazine has the following quotation from Elizabeth Warren:  “There is nobody in this country who got rich on his own.”   This is the most simple, most coherent and succinct clarification I’ve ever read of why and how people get rich and what they then owe to those who helped them to do so.  Think of it.  Sam Walton had a great idea for his Walmarts, but it was the banks who helped him with financing and the customers who shopped with him who made him successful.  Henry Ford jump-started the American auto industry, but it was those workers on the assembly line who made it work.   Neither Warren Buffett nor Bill Gates nor any of the other incredibly successful entrepreneurs of our country did anything by themselves.  Not a one.

In fact, if you get right down to it, none of us really does anything on our own.  We all need support and encouragement, or even, in one of those worst-case scenarios, where nothing is available but doubt and discouragement, achievers use those negatives as catalysts for moving forward, for success.

Elizabeth Warren is a Harvard professor, a wife and mother, and for awhile, the nominee by Mr. Obama to head the new Consumer Protection Agency that would prevent the kind of garbage in Wall Street that contributed to the financial mess our whole country is in.   But she is so intelligent AND so independent of lobbyists that the GOP worked tooth and nail and blocked her from the position.  Indeed the GOP have completely blocked any funding for the CPA, can you guess why?

Now Elizabeth Warren is running for the Senate from Massachusetts.  Why are we, deeply planted Texas residents, interested in a senate seat from Massachusetts?  Look Elizabeth Warren up on Wikipedia.  And then if you would so kindly go to and check out the website, you would see why.   We just think it would be a great idea to have as many members of Congress as possible, House and Senate, who know the difference between good government and bad government, and what to do about problems.

We have heard this woman speak, we have read her writings, and we admire her a lot. But because she is intelligent, articulate, and not attached to millionaires and billionaires, she'll have a time of it.  And that's all of the story for now!

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