The Wrong Lilies

The Wrong Lilies

Saturday, October 8, 2011

An Open Letter to Congress

We beg, plead and implore you to support the President’s Jobs Bill, and to try to persuade your colleagues that this is the right thing to do and the right time to do it.

Every problem America is facing right now can be attributed to one single factor:  Americans need jobs.  To think that in this country, in this century, Americans are begging for jobs is almost unbelievable.  Except that it is happening.  And happening all across our country.

It is simply no use to blame the president or indeed to blame anyone except the members of Congress, both houses, both parties.  It is no use to blame the people who find it important to demonstrate.  They are actually crying to their government:  “Help us.”

We won’t go further into causes or blame or anything else.   What good would that do?   What we hope to direct your attention to is what can be done.

It would be shameful beyond any power to describe if the Congress (both houses, both parties) failed to support this bill, and give some encouragement and some forward momentum, in the mistaken belief that Mr. Obama is the problem and that it is an appropriate tactic to allow our country to suffer in an effort to oust him or to further any other agenda.

We are not worried about Mr. Obama’s re-election; he has many supporters.  We are not worried about ourselves; we are retired.  We are worried about our country and all our fellow Americans:  all the young people who cannot find employment, all the middle-aged people who have lost their jobs and cannot find replacements.  All the families who are losing their homes, not because they got a stupidly excessive mortgage from a stupidly excessive industry, but because they have lost their jobs and have children to support and perhaps parents to assist and are desperate.

Desperation is a terrible thing and leads to terrible events.  Please, please, please help our country.

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