The Wrong Lilies

The Wrong Lilies

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

And the wild mustard stalks the land

In this part of the world, there so many wild flowers that, with the right amounts of rain and the right ranges of temperature and the right locations, simply burst upon the landscape in spring, with fall bringing its own varieties.  But what happens in spring is so significant simply because after winter, particularly some difficult winters, all these swaths of color which present themselves absolutely free and glorious. 

Right now the wild mustard seems to be everywhere.  Driving along a freeway access road this morning, I glanced over at the freeway embankment on the other side and there was this glowing yellow from top to bottom for quite a long distance, absolutely startlingly brilliant.  And that same color, that same glory, is showing up everywhere a wildling can go.


Sometimes I write because I am overcome with concerns or serious thoughts, but sometimes it just seems necessary to describe something really very ordinary that is simply no less spectacular and welcome just because it’s ‘only wild flowers’.

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