The Wrong Lilies

The Wrong Lilies

Thursday, September 18, 2014


We have, behind our house, what some folks call a garden and others would call a backyard.  In that area, our garden, we grow fruit and flowers and vegetables, and we also welcome birds.  There is a regular bird feeder for the bigger birds such as cardinals and finches and titmice and such, and a hummingbird feeder for, of course, the hummers.

Well, we don’t always get to spend much time in the garden chairs, watching birds and butterflies and the resident squirrels, so the hummingbirds have not become accustomed to us and are very shy and skittish.

But if we are out there and a hummer or two approach, and if we be still, they will alight at their feeder and sip and sip, sometimes for a bit of time.

And it occurred to me one time while we were sitting there, almost holding our breaths to keep from startling the hummingbird away, that there are perhaps many such moments in life when there is something special occurring, such as a dazzling moon or a glorious sunset or a small child observing the world around them, and if we be still, we will savor it.

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