The Wrong Lilies

The Wrong Lilies

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Finally there is public outcry all around this country and all around the world about these precious children who have been brutally kidnapped in Nigeria by another of the groups in this world who not only have extreme views of life in this world but want to impose those views on everyone else.  The signs and demonstrations say “Bring Back Our Girls,” but they might as well say “Bring Back Our Children,” for these young girls are just that - children. 

There are too many children in this world that are at terrible risk and there is simply not enough acknowledgment of responsibility for these children by those in our so-called ‘civilized’ world.  Personally, we worry about the children here in this country, but also the children in the Ukraine, in Russia, in Pakistan and Iraq and Afghanistan, in Syria, in Somalia, in all the areas where too much violence exists, where children must endure hunger and fear and insecurity of the most simple basics of life such as shelter and food. 

It is said that Nigeria is a wealthy, oil-rich country, but one would never know it by the acceptance of its government of the terrible behavior of terrorist groups in its outlying countryside.  The same can be said of even our own country, where there is indescribable wealth, and at the same time terrible need, where children can be homeless.

Here is what we believe:  all children belong to us all.  We must care about every child, whether it is a child from a poor family who attends an elementary school down the street and who needs a winter coat, or a child in any part of the world who is at risk from violent thugs who do terrible acts against innocent people in the name of values they pretend are superior.  We who know that children are the future, who know that they need care and safety and protection, must unite at least in this one thing:  we must help to stop the tolerance of attacks on children – on OUR children.

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