The Wrong Lilies

The Wrong Lilies

Monday, May 20, 2013


It’s no secret to those who know me well, or even just acquaintances, that I love daylilies, not above all other flowers, but daylilies have a special place with me.  Every flower is ephemeral to some extent, in that no flower that I know of lasts for a whole season, but daylilies set a record in that they last for only just a day, so why would anyone be so fond of them?  Well, speaking to the flower aspect, because well-established daylilies send up so many bloom stalks with so many buds, individual plants can easily bloom for weeks.   My first desire, every morning, at this, the blooming time of year for daylilies in our part of the world, is to go out first thing in the ‘coolth’ of the morning and see what is blooming.  Some plants are old friends; I have about three varieties I have grown for decades and which I have taken starts of with us through several moves.  Some plants are newer, but all the blooms are welcomed, every season, every day, new variety or old. There are so many colors and singles and doubles and large and miniature, and many are very fragrant.  And did I mention that they are tough?

Speaking to the philosophical aspect of these lovely plants, every day is a new day for daylily blooms, as well as for us.  It’s so very easy to take every day for granted, each day full of tasks and plans and expectations, but just like those daylily blooms, every single day is unique and special and, for us, we try very hard to remember that with gratitude, and we have those lovely blooms to remind us.

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