The Wrong Lilies

The Wrong Lilies

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Well, now I’m complaining about late cold.  Late last summer I was complaining about the heat and longing for a break in August, when we in this part of the world look so anxiously for any sign of a break in the heat and drought of summer.   But now, wouldn’t you know, when the northern third of the whole country is enduring blizzards and record amounts of snow, here I am grizzling about a possible light frost.

It’s just that we’ve had, just this past week, temps up to eighty degrees F (that’s 26.7 degrees celsius), and yesterday and today, 32 degrees F (that’s 0 degrees Celsius).  What we call roller-coaster weather, up and down and up and down, but the up-weather encourages one to move tender plants out, to want to plant and plant some more.  We even indulged me and brought a lemon tree home.  Oh how long, how many years I have wished for a lemon tree.  Now lemon trees are not hardy in this area because we do get freezes in the winter, so this lemon tree will live in a very large pot in the garden except for that point in time in the late fall when frosts often begin, at which time it will move into our enclosed garden room, not heated but shelter from possible frost, for the winter.  That lemon tree was quickly and happily installed in the garden and now the guys of the family will get to wrestle it in earlier than planned.   And I knew better, because having a frost just before the Eastertide is a long-established tradition in these parts.  And for the umpteenth time we’ll cover up the small pots and tender plants that are clustered next to the back door for shelter, because we’ve all gone along this far together, why stop now?

Now our local meteorologist actually stated, on television, this morning that after this last frost warning, we were done for the season.  Maybe we should hold him to that.

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