The Wrong Lilies

The Wrong Lilies

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


They, the pundits and editors and bloggers and all that, say that the President has problems.  There is a problem with an irrational GOP in both houses of Congress.  There is a problem with the debt ceiling and revenue versus expenditures.  There is a problem with unemployment.  There is a problem with gun safety.  There is a problem with immigration.  There is a problem with infrastructure (ours is terrible).  There are concerns about education.   And there are problems not listed here because they are eclipsed by these.

But did enough of us ever stop to think:  the realities of those problems are out here where we live.  Oh, I’m not minimizing the difficulties, frustrations and responsibilities of the presidency.  It must be maddening at times to have what appears to be opportunity to make real differences where real need exists, only to be delayed or stymied by the tiny minds with enormous egos which make up much of Congress.  The President can and does propose all sorts of ideas, most of which are excellent and would be effective, but friends, when every proposal is forced down only because it has been proposed by the President, it looks as if it is we who have the problems.

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