The Wrong Lilies

The Wrong Lilies

Saturday, September 8, 2012


A lot of people, more than you would think, do not believe in luck.  They find comfort for our place in this universe in religions of various kinds, or in various philosophies, or simply the determined view that we are all alone out here, without anything at all working for us.

Well, I have to disagree about luck.  It just seems to me that luck is the only explanation for so many joys of life.  For isn’t it lucky when you happen to look out the window and see an extraordinarily beautiful sunset?  Isn’t it lucky that you have the ability to see the beauty in that sunset? 

Agreed, it can be very scary at times to think that perhaps we cannot simply expect to snap our fingers and get a request or a necessity answered, and answered just as we would wish.  But being able to do that just doesn’t seem to be how the world works for humanity, at least as far as I can see.  But here is where the luck comes in.  For where we may not have a mysterious force that magically solves all our problems and takes away our worries, we have something much closer to us:  we have each other.  And that is very lucky.

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