The Wrong Lilies

The Wrong Lilies

Monday, July 23, 2012


Well, after the events of the recent sad days in Colorado, we’ve all possibly learned a number of things, some of which I wish, oh how I wish, were not true. 

We now know that all sorts of body armor are easily available on the Internet without oversight or explanation.  We now know that incredible amounts of ammunition are easily available on the Internet without oversight or explanation.  And thanks to an excellent undercover piece by Jeff Rossen with NBC (an undercover piece, by the way, that was already completed before the events of Aurora, Colorado), it is apparent that all sorts of weapons are available on the Internet without oversight or explanation.  Including, by the way, a 50-caliber sniper rifle that fires ammunition that can take down helicopters.  Anyone who is interested in the segment can find it on the Rossen Reports site via MSNBC.  And by the way, these sales are legal.

The sellers who were encountered during this particular report were asked why they were selling such weapons, and they simply responded they were doing it for the money.  Well, how can we condemn these sellers when we don’t condemn the manufacturers who do not exercise control, the gun clubs who support such availability, and let us not forget the members of the United States Congress who refuse to propose laws for reasonable bans, such as automatic and assault weapons, perhaps because they are fanatic gun enthusiasts but more likely because of the money and influence of gun manufacturers and associations.

This is a free country and a great country and most of us cherish and defend the freedoms we have inherited from our forefathers.  But someone someday will perhaps be able to explain to me how not being able to own a weapon that would pierce armor and take down helicopters would infringe on our right to bear arms. 

And there is this one other thing.  How can the members of the gun associations, the gun manufacturers, their lobbyists, and the voters and the members of Congress who support them all possibly know whether or not next time it will be their loved ones under fire?

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