The Wrong Lilies

The Wrong Lilies

Sunday, June 10, 2012


We have very ordinary days.  We do tasks in the garden, or just stroll around it, looking at what is blooming or what needs to be harvested.  We mow the lawn.  We do laundry and shopping and house cleaning and cooking.  We take care of our cat and of each other.  We plan a lunch out or we get together with friends.  We watch a recorded movie or a favorite television program.  We pay the bills and tally up what’s left over and are grateful that there’s something left over. 

But all the while we are moving from task to task, from meal to meal, from blessing to blessing, we are mindful that half a world away a woman, someone's mother, is going to a market to try to find food for her family and may not return because of a terrorist’s agenda.  We think of our children and are very well aware that half a world away, some children may become horribly hurt and maimed or may die, lose their lives for a terrorist’s agenda.  An old person, who has already lived through a life of great difficulty, will lose the only thing they have, the rest of their life, because of an agenda.

We try to understand why, although there is no answer, that someone thinks their cause, whatever it is, will be forwarded by the taking of innocent lives. 

We try to be mindful every day, while we live an ordinary day, that half a world away there are so many, too many, people who are suffering and dying because they were born at a particular place in a particular time, and that they are as helpless as we are to make things for them be different, be better, be ordinary.

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