The Wrong Lilies

The Wrong Lilies

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


We are only moderate political animals.  In fact, we try very hard to practice moderation in just about everything.   But this political season has brought out some of our more intense responses, because it has all been so amazing.

The word that is most frequently used is polarization, because there are indeed two extreme factions, one on the liberal side, and one on the conservative side.  We cannot help, however, believing that between those two polar points, there are lots of people that are either like us, with pretty secure ideas and beliefs, and possibly a goodly number that are wavering.

It must be believed that there are many who are wavering, because between them, both political parties are anticipating spending enough millions in advertisements to seriously improve the well-being of many areas such as Joplin, Missouri, which were so badly damaged in storms, last year and this.  The thing that we cannot comprehend is why on earth would anyone decide who they would vote for, in any election from city council to President, without listening to the words of the candidate themselves and without checking out facts?

To us, Mr. Obama is calm, deliberate and pragmatic, offering conciliation, refusing to vilify but certainly willing to challenge false claims and misstatements.  The accomplishments of his administration have been real and significant and utterly taken for granted when they haven’t been attacked.   We have seen how the stimulus program saved the entire American automotive industry, intense diplomacy has improved America’s reputation significantly (which it needed after initiating two wars, including one entirely unprovoked), a major health care program is benefitting millions of Americans and will benefit many more when fully implemented, finance reforms have been proposed although being fought tooth and nail by opposition, both our terrible wars are winding down, and the President has tried and tried to push through programs to create jobs and create new industries to deal with climate change.  Oh, and did I mention trying to get an immigration policy established?

To us, Mr. Romney is an amazing amalgam of all the political philosophies that dominated the eight years of the Bush administration, and which implementations almost utterly destroyed the U.S. and world economies.  In other words, a Romney administration would be running around the same Bush we had for those eight years, misspeaking, saber-rattling, failing to understand the lives and needs of ordinary  people.  As we say in this part of the country, “be switched if we haven’t been around that Bush enough!”

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