The Wrong Lilies

The Wrong Lilies

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Some days

Once upon a time we were able to spend a few days in Galveston, Texas, and found that the Elissa, a genuine, wooden, historical tall ship, was kept in port there, next to a wonderful museum.  Well, it had long been a dream of mine to simply see a tall ship in person, and we found that we could actually board the Elissa and stroll around it.  We have a photo of me standing at the wheel, looking for all the world as someone whose feet are about two inches off the ground.  Absurdly exhilarated, I then walked around and encountered a woman down on her knees, scrubbing the deck.  “Oh, it must be wonderful,” I bubbled, “to have the opportunity to help preserve this wonderful ship.”  She looked up wearily from her labors, and murmured, “Some days.” 

How perfect a response is that?  What was for me a unique experience and encounter represented, for her, a lot of work.  A labor of love, I have no doubt, but work, really hard work nevertheless.

That expression, “Some days,” has become one of our family’s catch phrases.  Because we all have our commitments and enthusiasms and they are special and meaningful, but some days they are exhausting and demanding.  Parenthood is like that.  Gardening is like that.  Marriage is like that.  Cooking, cleaning, even taking vacations – all are like that.   Yes, even vacations, although that’s another story.

Now the hard-working woman I encountered on the Elissa didn’t specify which of ‘some days’ that particular day was, but I suspect that for her, it was one of the reality-check days that she knew made the care and continuing wonder of the Elissa possible.  For me, that was a day that made an unexpected and glorious memory – it was really ‘some day!’

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