The Wrong Lilies

The Wrong Lilies

Friday, November 25, 2011

Ah, now I understand

Sometimes it takes me awhile to figure out certain realities.  Like many folks who like to write their thoughts down, sometimes my thoughts and writings keep on stirring around in my brain, particularly during the sleeping hours.  And then I awake with a full-grown awareness of something within what I’ve thought or written.

I’ve thought and written and talked about concerns about Republican pledges against taxes for quite some time, but only in the wee hours of this morning did my conscious mind fully realize what has been going on for years, in full view of us all, and what it means.

It sounds good, the idea of low taxes.  It sounds good, the idea of smaller government.  But, in effect, an organization funded by undisclosed donors with a lot of money (generally believed to be certain very large corporations and the very wealthy) controls all the Republican Senators and Representatives who have taken a pledge and who continue to honor that pledge of ‘no tax increases under any circumstances.’  By that one fact we are dominated.   By that one fact, there will be no budgets resolved, no deficits resolved, nothing done regarding our children’s education and our health programs and immigration policies – nothing will be resolved.

Think of it:  there is an organization with unknown donors with unlimited funds which holds the pledges and controls the votes in Congress.  We have lost control of our country and Congress has lost control of themselves.

So now we know

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