The Wrong Lilies

The Wrong Lilies

Sunday, September 18, 2011

What we want from our government

We want our national honor at least partly salvaged by taking complete care of all the 9/11 first responders and their colleagues who are ill; no questions about when a cancer or other illness began, just take care of them.  NOW.  For America’s sake.  For America’s honor.  For America’s gratitude.

We want the President to be supported and encouraged in his efforts to provide jobs and reduce the deficit, and NOW, please.  If the plan is tried and doesn’t succeed, at least we tried.  If it does succeed, glory be.   If we don’t try, there is no chance of succeeding.  Is that really what we want?  We're talking to Democrats and Republicans all.

We want a balanced approach to fixing the deficit problem, including roll back of the Bush Tax Cuts for the very wealthy, plus a stop to unneeded subsidies to the oil companies, etc.  And NOW would be good.  Or do we really want to tax the elderly and the ill while protecting corporate interests?    Really?

And speaking of reforming Social Security, why is it never considered to simply apply the Social Security payroll tax to ALL earned income, up to and including the CEO salaries in the stratosphere?  AND how about a law to keep the sticky fingers of Congress from using Social Security Funds for general operating expenses?  Hmmmm?

We want the so-called Obama health care plan, approved by Congress, given a chance.   Come on, most of us know it hasn’t been implemented yet, but it is being blamed for anything and everything from unemployment to the weather.

We want financial reform, NOW.  Shame on Congress for not funding the Consumer Protection Agency.  Let the big banks deal with the same realities we are.  Prevent another cascade of financial greed while we still can.

We want real support for our military AND our veterans, NOW.  How dare we not?

We want real support for education, NOW.  Again, how dare we not?  Lack of support has helped exacerbate the current unemployment crisis; there are openings for skilled workers and not enough skilled workers.  Duh!

We want members of Congress to stop being rude and obstructive, and to be civil and constructive, and remember their oaths to our country, NOT to lobbyists and special interests.  Is that too much to ask?

We want campaign finance reform, NOW.   Corporations are NOT people.  They are businesses.  And right now they own this country, not the real people.

We want reasonable immigration reform as soon as possible; this is a real and current danger and Congress is being irrational and irresponsible.

We had always believed that once someone became a member of the U.S. Congress, they represented the U.S. people.  Not a political party.  Not a few square miles.  The whole country.  We are so heartbroken, frustrated, disgusted, AND ashamed just now about our government, about the failure of our government to take care of its people.  Remember that word:  failure.   If our country is failed in these important initiatives, every member of both houses of Congress will be a signatory.  The President can propose, but if Congress does not take responsible action to stop playing petty, petty politics and do their jobs, it will be on Congress’s heads.   Both Houses of Congress will own a failure none of us want to imagine.

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