The Wrong Lilies

The Wrong Lilies

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I’m just so confused

This current state of American opinions just confuses me daily.  For instance, I keep hearing that it’s the small businesses that fuel our economy, but it seems to be the very rich and the biggest businesses who get the best tax breaks.   That simply sounds like ‘robbing from the poor and the middle classes to give to the rich.’

And while we’re on that subject, apparently it’s also more important that the very wealthy, the oil companies and the great big banks keep their tax benefits than it is for the elderly and the disabled to get their health care via Medicare.  Curious.  Must be that idea that those oil companies with very, very huge windfall profits and those great big financial institutions, who invented something called ‘derivatives’, will employ lots of gardeners and housekeepers at minimum wage and improve the unemployment numbers.

It also confuses me that progress seems to be a good thing, but the term ‘progressive’ seems to be a dirty word.  Wouldn’t you think that someone who’s progressive would be someone who would help create progress?

More than anything else, I’m fascinated about the amount of theatrics that keeps going on in our nation’s capitol.  People keep getting in front of the cameras and telling us how terrible the President is and how in two years he has failed to fix all the problems created in the previous eight years.  Of course, they don’t seem to get the chance to say what they would do with all the problems; guess they’re just too busy fussing at the President.   What confuses me about all that is that I remember when theatrics were confined to movies and theaters, and occasionally to the local elementary school.

Well, one thing I am pretty clear about:  all those folks who seem to be so extremely opposed to the President and to government programs, and who support protecting the rich from paying taxes, they’re going to be pretty surprised when they start figuring out how to manage without necessary government.  Guess they’ll just have to find some billionaire to work for.  Sure seems to be a lot of them around.

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