The Wrong Lilies

The Wrong Lilies

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Do You Suppose?

Do you suppose that the same nice people who wouldn’t dream of shouting, shoving, or otherwise committing rude public behavior do not realize that persisting in cell phone texting during movies, carrying on personal conversations on their phone at the grocery store including the check-out line, or even worse, driving down the street while talking or texting, all amount to the same thing:  an horrific disregard for their fellow man as well as their own personal safety?

Do you suppose that nice people really think it’s OK to leave a supermarket basket or a great big trolley at the home improvement store smack in the middle of a parking space?  Is it really thought that those sorts of ‘thingies’ never roll across and bang right into cars?  Or even worse, people?  Or even much worse, children?   We spend a fair amount of time, when we are shopping, gathering up abandoned carts and trolleys and either carrying them to the store with us or parking them in the cart parks, which many times are simply a few feet from where they were left.  What a sad thing.

Do you suppose people do not know that there is no discernible line between good manners and professed religious faith, of any kind?   If there is a visible difference, if the two are not completely intertwined, a demonstration will be required.

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